Mark ‘Skids’ Richardson

Deputy President

Skids is one of the Deputy Presidents of the UBAS Association. On paper, he’s Sqn Ldr Mark Richardson, but to everyone on UBAS he’s Skids!

Ironically, Skids never attended a university but completed an engineering apprenticeship instead. He qualified as Chartered Engineer before realising it involved a ridiculous amount of hard sums. Instead, he joined the Royal Air Force aged 24. After completing his training, Skids was posted to the Tornado F3 Force as it formed, staying on the jet until it folded some 20+ years later.

Within his time on the Tornado F3, Skids was fortunate enough to experience both seats. He initially qualified as a Navigator (WSO), before re-entering basic training and crossing over to the front-seat as a Sqn Ldr pilot.

Skids says he “landed on his feet” after the F3, taking the mantle as Boss of UBAS for three years from Oct 2009. With Foots and the Team, Skids had a hoot and re-affirmed the ethic of “work hard – play hard”.

On leaving the RAF, Skids instructed on the Eurofighter Typhoon simulator for a few years before electing for a life outside of uniform, restoring and selling motorcycles.