Tom Mallin

Events Team

Tom is part of the Association’s Events team. On UBAS initially from 2008-2011, he studied Geology and Archaeology at the University of Birmingham, but always enjoyed flying more than rocks and old socks.

Sponsored by the RAF in his final year, Tom had his original date for Initial Officer Training postponed following the 2010 SDSR, but a silver lining then allowed him to remain on UBAS for an extra year of flying and fun. Highlights over the years included canoeing in the Adirondacks, leading UBAS and RAF Cosford to the RAF Ski Champs and – in the name of charity – founding the RAF’s first barbershop quartet, ‘Basses High’.

Finally joining the RAF in 2013, training led to Tom joining the mighty C130J Hercules fleet on 47 Squadron. Flying all over the world on exercises and operations, he touts the Hercules’ variety of roles and esprit-de-corps as a natural progression from his time on UBAS:

“UBAS was the foundation of my RAF life today – and what a foundation! The friendships and fun we had as Blue Lions are still just as strong today. I look forward to keeping this ethos going through the Association. Oh Birmingham!”